Recovery Mode

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Recovery Mode is a last resort method for recovering your Wii console from a brick before resorting to hard-modding and manual NAND programming. This mode was accessed by Nintendo employees in the factory by the usage of a special dongle, but the input needed to access it can easily be replicated in the present with a GameCube controller. Essentially, Recovery Mode puts a Wii Menu in a state where programs can be executed from a disc, including some retail games. This guide will instruct you on how to recover from bricks (especially Korean Kii/Error 003) with it.


  • A GameCube controller
  • If the Diagnostic Disc Check was previously removed with Priiloader, or if a drive chip is on hand:
    • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Smash Stack) OR
    • Any other exploited Wii game, with the current exploit game save on the console (see Legacy Exploits) OR
    • Any retail game, and access to the Bluebomb exploit
  • If the Diagnostic Disc Check was not previously removed with Priiloader, and no drive chip is on hand:
  • An original revision Wii (Family Edition Wiis will not work due to the lack of GameCube ports - otherwise you must solder some on)
  • A Windows/macOS/Linux PC with an Internet connection
  • An SD Card formatted to FAT32


In order to hold down all 4 individual D-Pad buttons on a GameCube controller, you may be required to take the casing apart.

First of all, verify that your Wii can boot into Recovery Mode at all. This involves taking a GameCube controller, plugging it into the fourth controller port on a Wii, and simultaneously holding down the 4 individual D-Pad buttons on boot. If everything goes right, you should see a screen similar to the above. Bear in mind that if you are on a System Menu version on 2.0 or prior, you will not see a version number display at all, and you will not be able to boot from discs.

Method I - Recovery Menu to Smash Stack

Method II - Recovery Menu to Save Game Exploit

Method III - Recovery Menu to Bluebomb

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