Get Started

For support in English, ask for help at Nintendo Homebrew on Discord.

If your Wii is already softmodded and you would like to update the softmods, follow this guide to upgrade your setup.

All of the exploits listed here are different methods of achieving the same end-result (getting to the HackMii installer).

It is recommended to at least have an SD card on hand after the initial hack process, as this will enable you to make a NAND backup using BootMii and install many types of homebrew.

Identify your console revision:

Wii Mini
Wii U
Wii Console
Wii Mini Console
Wii U Console

Select your exploit

Select the exploit that corresponds to your console and situation the best.

Console Revision Recommended Exploit
Wii/Wii Family Edition If you can use a Windows PC:
Automatic Setup: Proceed to ModMii
If you can use an SD card:
Manual Setup: Proceed to Wilbrand
If you cannot use an SD card:
Manual Setup: Proceed to str2hax
Wii mini Proceed to Bluebomb
Wii U (vWii) If you have already modded your Wii U:
Proceed to Modding the vWii
If you haven’t modded the Wii U but want to:
Proceed to Modding the Wii U
If you do not want to mod the Wii U:
Proceed to Modding the vWii Without Wii U Mods
Dolphin Emulator Proceed to Homebrew Channel on Dolphin

Alternate methods

If possible, you should follow the method given above.

If the recommended option does not work for you, or if you are curious about other exploits, check out Legacy Exploits.