vWii Modding Guide

For support in English, ask for help at Nintendo Homebrew on Discord.

This page will guide you through the process of modding your vWii without modding the Wii U side. Wii U custom firmware will be used for this guide, however, nothing will actually be installed onto the Wii U side itself. You can also visit the legacy exploits page for more exploits that work on the vWii.

If your Wii U side is already modded, proceed to Installing the Homebrew Channel

Your SD Card will need to be formatted as FAT32. If your SD Card is not formatted to FAT32, use GUIFormat with 32k (32768) Allocation unit size to format it. Do not label the SD Card as wiiu or it will cause issues with homebrew.


  • The latest files from Aroma for your cafΓ©.
    • Review the preliminal steps, then check all 4 boxes.
    • Double check that nanddumper is selected.
    • Click on Download Payloads.
    • Click on Download Base Aroma.
  • The latest release of the Compat Title Installer.


Section I - SD Preparations

  1. Insert your Wii U’s SD Card into your PC.
  2. Copy the contents of the downloaded Aroma .zip files to the root of your SD Card.
  3. Copy the contents of the CompatTitleInstaller.zip file to the root of your SD Card.

SD Card Layout

Click here to show the final SD Card layout.
 β”— πŸ“ wiiu
   ┣ πŸ“ apps
   ┃ ┣ πŸ“„ AromaUpdater.wuhb
   ┃ β”— πŸ“„ PayloadLoaderInstaller.wuhb
   ┣ πŸ“ environments
   ┃ β”— πŸ“ aroma
   ┃   ┣ πŸ“ modules
   ┃   ┃ β”— πŸ“ setup
   ┃   ┃   ┣ πŸ“„ 00_mocha.rpx
   ┃   ┃   ┣ πŸ“„ 10_wums_loader.rpx
   ┃   ┃   β”— πŸ“„ 99_autoboot.rpx
   ┃   ┣ πŸ“ plugins
   ┃   ┃ ┣ πŸ“„ AromaBasePlugin.wps
   ┃   ┃ ┣ πŸ“„ drc_region_free.wps
   ┃   ┃ ┣ πŸ“„ homebrew_on_menu.wps
   ┃   ┃ β”— πŸ“„ regionfree.wps
   ┃   β”— πŸ“„ root.rpx
   ┣ πŸ“ payloads
   ┃ ┣ πŸ“ default
   ┃ ┃ β”— πŸ“ payload.elf
   ┃ β”— πŸ“ nanddumper
   ┃   β”— πŸ“„ payload.elf
   ┣ πŸ“„ payload.rpx
   β”— πŸ“„ payload.elf

Section II - Launching the Exploit

Make sure your Wii U has internet access for this step.

  1. Take the SD Card out of your computer and plug it into your Wii U console.
  2. Launch the Internet Browser and navigate to the website wiiuexploit.xyz.
  3. Click on Run Exploit! and hold the B button until you see a screen that says Please choose your payload:, this will be necessary for the next steps.
    • If your Wii U gets stuck on a white or otherwise frozen screen, wait a few seconds. If nothing happens, reboot the console, reset the browser’s save data and try again.
    • If you see the EnvironmentLoader, you did not hold down B long enough. Try again.

Section III - NAND Backup

In case anything goes wrong in the later process and your vWii ends up bricked, restoring a previously made NAND backup can fix it.

  1. Use the Wii U GamePad’s D-Pad to enter the following configuration:
    • Dump SLC: optional
    • Dump SLCCMPT: yes
    • Dump MLC: optional
    • Dump OTP: yes
    • Dump SEEPROM: optional
  2. Press the A button to start the dumping process.
  3. When the process completed, power off your Wii U, take your SD Card out of the Wii U and plug it into your PC.
  4. To make sure you don’t lose the files, copy the slccmpt.bin and otp.bin files (and if you chose to go with a full backup, seeprom.bin, slc.bin, and every mlc.bin.part file) to your computer.
  5. Delete the files from your SD Card to free up space.
  6. Take the SD Card out of your computer and plug it into your Wii U console.

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